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A short trip to pokhara during the pandemic

 It had been some time since travelling to other place was even an option. Many travelling band was imposed as there was restriction in visitng other city. Travelling alwyas cleanses your heart and soul. The second lockdown the country faced had restricted to our home for some time. During this period the "Euro cup was held successfully. which was one of the happening events during this pandemic. Since, then olympic and many other sporting event has been hosted as well.

Buddha Air had hosted a Predict and win contest on its instagram page on the final match, which was held between England and Italy. The winner would be getting a free Ticket to Pokhara (PKR). Luckily, my prediction went correct and was more surprised when I was lucky enough to win that prize.


As per the conditions mentioned in that free ticket, the ticket must be utilized within two months from the day the letter was issued. It had almost been 2 months and I had not used the ticket as it was issued in mid-July and it was mid september. As, the date of expiry of ticket was getting closer; I took the decision to travel to Pokhara for a day. It had been some time that I had travelled to Pokhara. The last one participating in the Art of Living's program 2 years back.

It was first experience to explore the sky domestically, but had an experience of wide body aircraft travelling experience. I issued the ticket for early flight to Pokhara as It would provide me a lot of time to explore the city when I land there. The flight took off around 7' O clock and by 7:30 the Beechcraft 1900D we were travelling had landed at Pokhara Airport. It was a 25 minutes flight to Pokhara from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).


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After landing at Pokhara Airport I reached to Bindabasini Mandir, there were few people who had come to visit the temple and there were certain protocals to be followed due to the COVID situation. It was within the short period that I completed worshiping inside the temple. Since it was still early morning I decided to search a room , freshen up and visit World Peace Pagoda. 

There are two roads connecting to Shanti Stupa. One that starts from Chorepatan which will lead you to the main entrance and ccan be accessible with vehicle. The other way leads behind the stupa which is accessible with vehicle as well but you have to climb up stairs to reach the main entrance gate in the front. The other option you will have is a walking trail which starts from Chorepatan. It is almost a hour walking trail till you reach the pagoda.

Throughout your climb you will witness a typical village life some foodshops and a lovely view of Fewa lake from the height. The stupa was closed for outdoor visitors because of the COVID, we could see the stupa from outside only. Pokhara welcomes you with uncertain rain and it started to rain when returning back. 

There was not much of activities on the streets of lakeside during the day time but when it was evening time, The lakeside looked so vibrant and beautiful. There were people around lakeside doing different activities and most of them were the local people as there was hardly any presence of foreigners. The business there seemed to be in a wait of their customers. A lot of constuction works were being carried out and a rare advertisement of space available could be seen. 

When it started to get darker, the lights illuminated from the restaurants and other places reflected on the water of lake which added more beauty to the lake making the place more lively. The live music played on the restaurants along with other music you could hear on your walk on the pavement of lakeside surely made you forget everything and drown in the atmosphere.

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