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CEDB hydropower development company issues IPO for general public

CEDB hydropower development company has issued  IPO for general public from Baisakh 17, 2078. The company has issued total of 28 lakh 18 thousand and 230 units of shares of Public offering to general Public. company has alloted 2% shares which is 50 thousand and 365 shares to its employees and 5% shares which is 1 lakh 25 thousand and 911 shares to Mutual Funds and the remaining shares of 23 lakh 41 thousand 954 units to General Public. The per unit share will cost Rs. 100.


People can apply for this IPO of CEDB hydropower development company till 21st of Baisakh. Rating Agency Care Nepal has rated the IPO of this company as "Grade 4" which means below average. Similarly, Sunrise Capital is the issue Manager of this IPO.

Background of the Comapny:

CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC), a public limited company incorporated under the prevalent laws of Nepal on Mangsir 15, 2066 (November 30, 2009). CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC) was founded by the then Clean Energy Development Bank to provide equity investment for hydropower projects to meet energy needs of the nation. CHDC is currently mandated to invest in and develop Hydropower Projects. It has got three hydropower projects in operation and four projects at construction and development stages.

Projects Under Development and Construction

1. Tallo Khare Khola Hydropower Project (11 MW)

2. Dordi-1 Hydro Electric Project (12 MW)

3. Rukum Gad Hydropower Project (5 MW)

4. Kasuwa Khola Hydropower Project (45 MW)

Projects Under Operation

1. Radhi Small Hydropower Project (4.4 MW)

2. Syange Hydropower Project (183 KW)

3. Khudi Hydropower Project (4 MW)

How much shares can you apply for this  IPO??

An investor can apply of minimum 10 units to a maximum of 25,18,230 but as you know in recent days a lot of people apply for IPO these days. Most of the IPOs are alloted to the investors from lottery system. To receive shares in IPO these days has been of hard luck these days. Same is the case with this IPO of CEDB hydropower development company. Considering the application received from the previous IPOs an average of 15 lakh investors apply for the IPOs in Nepal. So, people can apply for the minimum amount of 10 units .

Since CEDB is alloting 23,41,954 to General Public so with the rate of 10 units to individual investor is alloted then only 2,34,195 people will be lucky to receive the IPO. After doing so, there will be 4 aditional units of shares to be alloted which will be alloted to 4 persons who will each receive 11 units of shares and as mentioned you would be super lucky receiving that. 

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