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And, this must be the way of life

I wrote this poem sometimes back. I came across it and felt to share with all of you. I wish life was simple to understand. Our life is the way we live it. Sometimes filled with Joy and happiness which we want to last forever and this life can turn into misery of sorrows and sadness making us desperate to pass across that situation. Whatever it be, "It is the way of life"


This must be way of life

Beyond the horizon, far from you
All mine efforts, to give happiness to you
Tired less effort has never come to halt
I keep on repeating, as it's my fault
And, this must be the way of life

Every ray of sunshine gives a new hope
I find this situation very hard to cope
Determined to achieve what I dream
Sometimes with frustration, I feel like to scream
And, this must be the way of life

Keeping up the pace and not loosing the faith
He who dives in the sea, gets the actual depth
With every encouraging steps to take
Got a responsibility, a bright future to make
And, this must be the way of life

Every dark cloud has a silver lining
I find this saying, so much inspiring
Time is the factor that heals every wound
Everything in life, will finally be sound
And, this must be the way of life

                                                                                  - "Nischal" Prem

How was the poem friends?? Your comments, suggestions and feedback are always welcome which will help me improve more. You can find my other writings here too. If you liked the poem Please share it with you friends. Thank you...

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