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Wish You well

Wish you Well

Beyond the oceans, Beyond the seas,
I am here my love, with a numb feel,
Lots of emotions, Lots of feelings to dwell,
However you are my dear, Wish you well

Pray for your success, Pray for your health,
Life’s so unpredictable, I learned this day
You on my mind,You on my heart, You’re everywhere
Get through the hardships dear, wish you well

Life’s sweet, Life’s sour, Life’s unexplained,
Wait for the beautiful day, After it has finally rained
Hope for your good, Hope for your best
In whatever situation you are dear, Wish you well

                                                                                                                                By:- "Nischal" Prem

I Came up with the title of the poem after being inspired by reading the Novel " Wish You well " by David Baldacci - American thriller writer. If you love thriller novels, "Zero day" and "The Sixth Man" was the Thrillers I loved reading from him.

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आज फेरी त्यो चरी

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