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Heaven is there , where you are

                      " Heaven is there, where you are "

Heaven is there , where you are
Sorrows and worries lying too far
Happiness and joys will always be there
you must not have known how much i miss u here

You are mine sweet cutie pie
I swear to good, If I had made any lie
Things have changed after your arrival
Feels like I am learning the true meaning of survival

Waiting for the days to meet you dear
I always feel you around, with me here
The wind I feel, must have passed you by
I have uncountable reasons to love you why?

Feelings for you are many..
The words to describe are few
Whatever be the circumstances,
I will always be loving you

Heaven is there  where you are
I love you baby the way you are

                                                                                 By: "Nischal" Prem

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Thank You friends.

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